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African Penguins Alyssa M. Peterson Advanced English 9 11/14/13 Alyssa Peterson English Pd. 1 11/11/13 African Penguin’s The African Penguin goes through many struggles throughout the year. Harsh environmental conditions are one thing they should expect. However, the effects of global warming and habitat loss from destructive oil spills are unexpected. Climate change seems to be one of the major forces of their possible extinction. There have been too many large oil spills over the years that have also placed their existing population…show more content…
Oil washed ashore on both islands resulting in one-thousand penguins being oiled and five-thousand birds died either during transportation or in the first few days after arriving at the rescue stations (Adams). Luckily, four-thousand-seven-hundred-eighteen penguins could be cleaned by the South African National Foundation and later returned to their habitat. The Apollo Sea tragedy was the largest South African oil spill for penguins before the sinking of the Treasure (Anderson). Shortly after, it became noticed that there was a larger number of seabirds at risk of being oiled off South Africa. Actions were immediately taken to help reduce the risk of more penguins becoming oiled. The effects of the sinking of The Apollo and the MV Treasure have had a major impact on the African Penguin…show more content…
Algae Blooms are excessive amounts of algae that create a green, red, yellow, brown, or white film over the waters (Anderson). These colorful algae blooms are usually called “red tides” and are associated with toxic or harmful effects (Anderson). Microalgae that has chemical properties harmful to humans or other life is called Harmful Algae Blooms, or HAB’s. Over the years, there has been an increasing amount of HAB’s worldwide, in regions where they previously weren’t. (Anderson) When penguins venture out to find food for them and their family, they become covered in algae, which they later ingest when they clean their feathers. When ingesting the algae it can cause fatal symptoms, such as ulcers, and kidney failure. These poor creatures can’t seem to be able to escape the harmful occurrences that are putting their population in

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