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Assessment Tool 1: Assessment activities and Summary Assessment Activity 1: Serve as a positive role model in the workplace through personal work planning and organisation. 1. What characteristics do you believe a positive role model in the workplace should demonstrate? • Integrity – commitment to your workers and organisation, • Energy for interesting and important aspects of the workplace and people, • Able to prioritise effectively - not have everyone chasing the wrong goal or have multiple people completing the same task, • Courageous and hardworking – set the example, • Creative – able to think ‘outside the box’, think as the customer as well as the worker, • Goal orientated – set the goal with the team’s input and make sure it’s realistic, • Enthusiasm – for the work, people and problems that arise, • Level headed – see through the panic, use common sense to solve problems, • Help others grow and succeed – train others up and grow their skills, and • Trust in people’s abilities and skills – the trust will flow both ways. 2. Describe a person you have looked up to as a positive role model. What qualities in them did you admire? What made them a suitable role model? What did you learn from them? As a hobby, I read about historical figures and how their leadership and role model skills impacted on the environment around them. This habit led me to study the leadership and role model skills of Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great and Margaret Thatcher. For actual physical demonstration of leadership and as a role model I have chosen SGT Jason Williams, Service Station SGT at 7 Combat Service and Support Battalion The qualities I admired in SGT Jason Williams were integrity and ethics in decision making, his were exemplary. He took the time to get to

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