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Why do I want to become an LPN is because I am a motivated health care professional seeking growth and advancement in the nursing field by continuing thru License Practical Nurse. I have all the qualities of becoming an exceptional LPN. My strengths lie in creative problem solving and managing priorities. I have also exceptional ability to work under pressure, goal oriented, dependable and conscientious team player capable of interacting effectively with all areas of management. I am highly organized, excellent in communication and customer service skills. I work productively, independently and with little or no supervision. I welcome the opportunity after becoming an License Nurse to help develop and demonstrate professional skills on communication in a patient care environment, while establiblishing characteristics that will balance my knowledge with practical expertise. In my life I want to change to a better stable financial stated, more challenging career, a better future, and continue to help others in a more advanced stage of advancement in my life. I have always wanted to be in the nursing field because of the stability and I have a care nature for every just about every living thing. Years ago I have taken the steps in accomplishing in becoming a certified CNA and Phlebotomist where I have always been inspired by my mom who is a retired nurse now and also was a dialysis patient but my mom still had the drive to continue to work as a RN because this is what she loved to do. My mom was eventually through the years of her working as a nurse, she was blessed with a kidney from finally putting her name on the donor’s list in order to complete her compassion as a RN. My mom is doing very well, from time to time my mom does registry. I am currently working as a certified Dialysis tech at Davita Dialysis working in an outpatient setting where I enjoy my work I do
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