How Do You Feel a College Degree Will Allow You to Be a Better Person and Help Others?

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By obtaining a college degree, I would not only provide myself with advantages, but also be able to share my knowledge to help others. Furthering my education can expose me to different ideas, cultures, and provide me with opportunities for new experiences. Pursuing a college degree will increase my chances of becoming successful in the future. At this very moment, I am not sure what field of nursing I want to partake in, but I know I want to help people and I enjoy doing so. My aunt is a very inspirational figure in my life. Since I was 6, I would closely observe her actions towards my grandfather. She would not only act like his daughter, but as the nurse she was as well. My grandfather is one of the most important people in my life. He has A1 diabetes. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be a nurse because of him. I would go to the hospital with my aunt once I got older and I would watch her take care of her patients. Seeing how happy she was helping others and how happy the patients were having her as a nurse, to this day, makes me want to step up and fulfill a nursing degree.
Becoming a nurse will make each day a great difference, not only for me, but for the patients I will be taking care of. I know I can help others by providing them with love, care, and ensuring them I will never give up on them. Once I am able to progress in my major and earn my college degree in nursing, it will not only make me a better person, but enable me to reach out to others that are in great need of

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