Louis Riel Hero Or Traitor Essay

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“A Hero or a traitor?” This question is very frequently asked when considering the famous figure is the Canadian history, Louis Riel. Some say that he is a historical there is nothing wrong with protecting his own race. However, there are a number of people consider him a traitor to the country and a crucial murderer due the fact that Louis Riel was born in the Red River colony, and he was educated as a lawyer in Montreal. He returned to his home at the age of 24, and just at the time the Canadian government wanted to acquire Rupert’s land from the Hudson’s Bay Company for the Canadian Pacific Railway. The Metis were afraid that the government would take the control of the land from them, as a result, Riel stood out as…show more content…
Being the only educated Metis, his ingenuity contributed to his race in many ways. Following the Red River Rebellion, although he moved to Saskatchewan, Riel was asked back by the Metis to help them defend their land. Therefore the second rebellion broke out, also known as the Northwest Rebellion. A man could be a hero if his actions and motivations benefits other people, and on the other hand, To be a traitor means that he jeopardizes the life and welfare of others. Hence, Louis Riel can be both hero or traitor. To be a hero or a traitor are the two extremely opposite course, but to a number of people, Louis Riel was a madman and a traitor. Stopping the government’s plan on building the trans-continental railway is a negative action to the majority of population in Canada, especially the traders. Though there was no bloodshed in the Red River Rebellion, Riel did execute one unruly prisoner named Thomas Scott. This execution led him into the trial, and since then the great “folk hero” was also seen as a petty criminal. The trial of Louis Riel was arguably the most famous trial in the Canadian history. Riel delivered

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