Vimy Ridge Essay

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Canadian Involvement in World War I: Name: Kelvin Glaves 1. How soon after Britain entered World War I did Canada enter the war? Canada entered August 5, right after Britain entered war. 2. a. Summarize the contributions of Sam Hughes to Canada’s war effort in the following organizer: Positive Contributions to Canada’s War Effort|Negative Contributions to Canada’s War Effort| - Loved his job and the soldiers.- Told Lord Kitchener that he would not let Canadians be spread throughout the English army.- 4 divisions were created.- Hard worker. |- Loved the Ross rifle while Canadians hated it.- Tough on Canadians- Mean person| b. Based on the information in your organizer, would you argue that Sam Hughes’ contributions were more positive or more negative? I think Sam Hughes was more positive because although people think rather negative towards him, Sam did love what he did and loved the soldiers and trained them well that let towards victory of Vimy Ridge and Ypres. c. Explain your answer using the examples from the organizer. I feel it was more positive towards Sam because in my organizer he was very hard on the Soldiers but also that’s good because it makes the soldiers stronger and he taught them how to win wars. Sam did the right decision when he told Lord Kitchener that he wouldn’t let the Canadians be spread throughout the English army, only thing he did was made the Canadians use the Ross rifle when the Soldiers truly hated it because it was single shot bolt action. 3. Describe what it was like for a Canadian soldier fighting in World War I, based on what you see in the two paintings by Richard Jack (The Second Battle of Ypres (1915) and The Battle of Vimy Ridge (1917)) and the letters written by Sergeant Harry Leacock and Captain Harold Tylor. Organize your information in the following table: Paintings by Richard Jack|Letters|
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