Victory to Vimmy Ridge

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Road to victory of Vimy Ridge From April 9 to April 12 1917 the Canadian corps accomplished the impossible = the successful capture of Vimy Ridge, the highest and best defended position on the western front. During the previous 3 years the French and British had lost nearly 200,000 men trying to capture Vimy Ridge, but it was the Canadians who did it. The Canadian victory at Vimy Ridge proved that they were an elite fighting force. Victory was possible because they learned from past mistakes and successes and planned effectively. Next the Canadian prepared by training infantry and artillery. Finally the attack using a highly co-ordinated creeping barrage. The Canadian forces were able to plan and execute the assault on Vimy Ridge effectively. Because they have learned from their mistakes and successes. They did not make the mistakes the made before and incorporated their successes from past battles. The Canadians had to learn from their mistakes the tough way. They lost 10,602 men in the battle of Vimy ridge. And in the battle of Somme Canada lost 1,373 men. The Canadians prepared for the attack on Vimy Ridge by digging tunnels under no man’s land. They filled them with explosive charges to blow up enemy trenches, leaving huge craters. Working at night mining companies used the existing tunnels to build new and improved underground networks for the Vimy Ridge assault. They also dug 12 deep subways totaling more than 5 km long, which allowed assault troops to move to their jumping-off points. The subways also protected them from bombing and allowed the wounded to be brought back from the battlefield. Each tunnel and subway had piped water and most were lit by electricity. In the walls of the subways and tunnels were cut chambers for brigade battalion headquarters, ammunition stores, communication centers and dressing stations. The maze of tunnels and

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