3 Most Defining Moments in History

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CHC2D3 15 Culminating Essay Defining moments in Canadian History Meenakshi Sobhee Three Most Defining Moments in Canadian History in the 20th Century The 20th century was very definitive in shaping Canadian History. All throughout the 20th century, Canada has been involved in many wars and many other patriotic activities. Many events that took place during the last century have helped in shaping Canada into the country that it is today. The twentieth century was a very defining century for Canada considering the fact that the two World Wars took place in the 20th century. The three most defining moments in Canadian History in the twentieth century were the second battle of Ypres, Vimy Ridge and D-Day. First of all, the second battle of Ypres was one of Canada’s most defining moments in the twentieth century. This battle was the first major battle in which Canadians fought in. It took place from April 22nd to May 25th 1915, in the city of Ypres. Poison gas was also used at Ypres for the first time. The Germans had used chlorine gas for the first time in this war and it had badly affected Canadians because they were unaware of this new weapon. Canada has won recognition for showing courage and a reputation during the war. “For holding the line amid the gas attacks of the first critical four days of the battle, the Canadians were praised for their courage and tenacity, a reputation that would only grow as the war continued.” (Second Battle of Ypres- The Canadian Encyclopedia). Within very little time, the Canadians had lost a lot of men but through this battle they had gained a reputation as a “formidable fighting force” (Veterans Affair of Canada). This battle was also defining for Canadians because even with over 6000 casualties within four days, they held their line and kept fighting until the reinforcements arrived. These are the reasons why the
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