Pros And Cons Of Canadian Peacekeepers

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Opinion paper World Issues Should Canadian soldiers/peacekeepers stay and help Afghanistan or should they pull out? Afghanistan is going through a lot with war and I personally think that Canada should stay. The Canadian peacekeepers have been though so much but as leaders and role models they been doping their very best, just to support Afghanistan government. Canadian soldiers have tried so hard to make the lifestyle there easier. They try to make it so that kids, adults and families are able to carry on with their lives as if there isn’t anything going on. Many Canadians have died trying to keep everything and everyone in its place, and not out of control. I support this, and grew much respect towards the Canadian peacekeepers just for the…show more content…
Canadians are keeping the order there by making their lives much easier to live. Kids can go to school and that adults can go to work and come home safely. Many Canadians have risked their life for the happiness, safety, and for the innocent people in Afghanistan. The peoples life style there is much different then ours and we should all contribute to the fall of this country with the war and help our Canadian peacekeepers there that are trying to make a difference in their world. The kids are all in danger as well as the adults. Kids aren’t even able to walk to school safely anymore or go outside and enjoy the day just because its possible for them to lose their lives. Adults are the same way they’re all afraid of not being able to go home or see their children again. To support a family and make sure that they’re safe is a big responisblity for the parents, and now that they have dangerous weapons everywhere in this country its no longer safe for the people living in Afghanistan. This is why Canadian peacekeepers are their, to make a difference in their life

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