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Civil War Biography Essay: George E. Pickett “Up men! And to your posts! And let no man forget today, that you are from Old Virginia!” said Major General George E. Pickett before fighting the attack called Pickett’s Charge. George E. Pickett was born in Richmond, Virginia, on January 16, 1825. He was raised in an enthusiastic war family and graduated from West Point at the bottom of his class. His low grades and compilation of demerits earned him a spot in the infantry. While he was in this position, he was quite successful, and he was awarded many times during his service. Pickett was promoted many times during the Civil War, and he proved the fact that he was deserving of a high position and respect. Because of his courageous prerogative, Pickett had a huge impact on three crucial battles: The Battle of Chapultepec, Pickett’s Charge, and the Battle of Five Forks. The Battle of Chapultepec was part of the Mexican-American War and was a two day battle from September 12 to September 13 in 1847. In this battle, he was in the 8th U.S. Infantry, where Major General Winfield Scott was the leading man. This was the battle that catapulted Pickett to fame, and where he obtained an appointment promotion to captain. He gained this by being the first American combatant to make it to the top of the castle walls and by recovering his unit’s colors for the injured James Longstreet. By the end of the Mexican-American War, he was reassigned to the 9th Infantry, and by 1849 he was promoted to first lieutenant. This U.S. victory was the only triumph that Pickett would ever know. The assault that Pickett is best known for is Pickett’s Charge. This battle occurred on July 3, 1863, and it only lasted forty-five minutes. On the last day of the Battle of Gettysburg, Lee instructed Pickett, Pettigrew, and Trimble to form their 12,500 men into sectors to attack the Union troops. The

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