How Far Was Ludendorff from Being Successful in His Spring Offensive?

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HOW FAR WAS LUDENDORFF FROM BEING SUCCESSFUL IN HIS SPRING OFFENSIVE? Ludendorff was appointed first quartermaster general and second in command to Erich Falkenhayn. Ludendorff took credit for successful battles at Masuria lakes and tannenburg. The spring offensive was launched on 21 March 1918. The spring offensive began with initial success. The aim of the German’s was to break through and be quick, this way they can split the British and French. They were very close to win the war because the British were tired and disorganized; this gave the German’s a great opportunity to breakthrough really quickly. The British also dug pot-holes not trenches this meant that, they had no place to hide therefore most of their men were killed. The German’s got the British and French to split, this way it will make work easier for the German’s. The German’s were quick on the bombadert as they started around 4:30 am with as many as 6,000 German artillery pieces. The British disobeyed and laughed at their officers, they were not serious and this helped the German’s a lot because they will have the chance for reinforcement when they want to. The British and French were enemies and their commanders didn’t understand each other, this kept the Ludendorff offensive strong as they had more time to prepare for the war. They were very close because in the first 5 days they were doing so well. The Ludendorff offensive was far from winning because the western front had broken, this was a disadvantage of winning because, they wanted to split the British and French and be able to push the British and conquer the French but it’s was late because the British and French had agreed to be like a team. The British had the best scientists in the war; these helped then have fast planes and they were able to use it wisely and quick therefore the German’s were losing by shortage of men as they were

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