The Pros And Cons Of Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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Dropping the Atomic Bomb By Raymond Wisniewski The United States decision to drop the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a decision to end the war the war faster. The bombs were against the Japan by the United States. The decision by President Harry Truman was the biggest decision the United States had ever made. Before Truman, Franklin Roosevelt has let a team of the Army Corps the task of creating the bomb. The project was headed by Major Leslie R. It became known as “The Manhattan Project”. It was kept top secret against almost everyone and the military soldiers. After six months of bombing the Japanese we dropped the bomb Know as “Little Boy” and was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. We then doped another bomb Called “Fat Man”, and was dropped over Nagasaki. I do agree of dropping the bomb because it did save a lot of lives. Franklin Roosevelt was trying to find a way to end the war very fast. Then Truman had to end Roosevelt’s idea of winning the war fast. Truman wasn’t looking for a way to not use the atomic bomb. The United States wanted to end the war fast because we wanted the lowest amount of casualties. The Bomb some say was the best idea that we could come up with at this time. This was a way for the United States to end the war…show more content…
The Japanese army was ruthless and there duty was to serve the emperor and scarifying ones for that it was a great honor. Suicide bomber would risk their lives for combat. During the battle of Okinawa, 117,000 Japanese soldiers were there. Only 7,000 were left alive. On April 6, 355 planes were in kamikaze missions. This Told the United States that they were not going to give up. The United States offered Japan to surrender and have a peace treaty. They were both denied by Japan. The United States didn’t want that to happen so they could end the war fast. That’s when we had no other options to end war except using the Atomic

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