Personal Narrative Essay: The Battle Of Max And Germany

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Theme: vulnerable Reference: “He scanned the sky once more to make sure a plane wouldn’t pounce on them as they submerged.” (282) I thought: Max was very cautious because who knows to expect the worse. Max is very much like Ares, a protector. Therefore, Max took extra caution for himself, as well as his crew. Also, Max knew you double check because while in that territory he his vulnerable. Max and his crew are vulnerable because of how powerful the opponents are and the damage they could cause, especially from the air. Max and his crew are very vulnerable from the air while in the U-boat. I think: I think Max was very smart to check if there was a plane incoming. This extra precaution may have saved his crew a lot of damage, not to mention…show more content…
I thought they would have won this battle by now, seeing how powerful the U-boat is. However, Germany is still in control of this attack. Clearly all these men are gladiators like Ares. I thought this power was used in a good way. The U-boat could have avoided them, but at what cost? For them to take out another German ship? This is why the U-boat decided to attack. I think: I think two steps of the male journey are displayed here. This battle awakened the crew and they give up perceived power in order to be successful. Then they’re victorious, the crew makes sacrifices and appeases in order to reach to victory. Also, I think German’s power of the U-boat will be too great for the enemy and the opponent will be destroyed. Furthermore, I don’t think the enemy will take this loss very well. Significance: The author is showing how powerful the U-boat is by winning the battle. It also gives a very good visual for readers of what is going on in the attack. Vocab: whistle. See reference: author used this word to bring readers into to the story like they are part of the battle. Also, to illustrate how fast the bullet was travelling. Theme:

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