Ethnocentrism Of &Amp;Quot;Top Of The World&Amp;Quot; By Hans Ruesch

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Ethnocentrism is form of looking at the world mainly from the viewpoint of a person’s culture or tradition. Ethnocentrism is also a way of demanding a belief that person’s race or ethnic group is the more essential with some portion of its culture, which are greater than those of other groups. The view of ethnocentrism and cultural relativism are major thesis in the “Top of the World”. The Inuit society at the “Top of the world” was a point of view. It showed how polar Eskimos lived and how they interact with others, which includes trading. The Eskimos always staying together with their families everywhere they go, which includes hunting and trading. The main cause for the small population of the Eskimos was the lack of resources, which they did not have but they try to manage. There were no vegetables but they rather eat raw meat in other to survive. From my experience from “Top of the world” and knowledge gotten from Dr. Peas, if the first born is a girl, the child is set out on the ice to die. This is because the Eskimos believe in having a boy to be taught to be a man in case any thing happens to the father of the child. The white men could not accept this practice as it is against Christian belief, which cannot see it as the Inuits do. This is an example of the white mans ethnocentrism in “The Top of the World”. The Inuit men have great respect for the women. The role of the women were caring for the children, building igloos with the husband, sewing, and soften the skins of the children’s shoes with their teeth. In Inuit society, the white men that come to conquer the land, and convert the Inuits have a sense of ethnocentrism which id not change through out the book “Top of the world”. The Inuit society is changed by this attack, which the white men changed from their communication with the Inuits.

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