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The percentage of obesity in America has been increased steadily in recent years. In this skinny-obsessed world that we live in nowadays, losing weight has also become a hot topic in our life. There are many ways to lose weight. Some people lose their weight by persisting in doing exercise regularly, some like to go on a diet, and some like to take diet pills to cut their weight, especially the young. However, few people know how to slim down effectively. You might damage your body because you didn’t use the right way. Even though there are certain ways that could be harmful to people, you can lose weight in a safe and scientific way by following these steps: reducing calories intake, eating healthier food, and doing physical activities. First of all, you should go on diet once you decided to lose weight. Going on a diet is not just limiting the food you take in, but also adjusting your eating habit. You should avoid eating high-calorie food because that would store more and more fat in your body. One of the most common high-calorie foods is fast foods. Most people like fast foods on account of their accessibility and convenience. However, fast foods are filled with fat, preservatives, and cholesterol that could lead to obesity or damage your health. Fast foods contain a lot of calories because they have too much sugar and sodium. Also, some fast food has been made for long a period that needs to be ready for the customer so that its nutrition is often being sacrificed. Moreover, junk food should also be prohibited. Usually, junk food is convenient and delicious, so the majority of people eat it several times a week or more. Potato chips, hamburgers and chocolates are some examples of junk food. You would gain a lot of fat by eating these high-calorie foods. Since your body uses the food you eat for energy, it stores the excess fat that was not used which

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