Lodz Ghetto Reflection Essay

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Daniel Evans December 15, 2011 Honors English II 3rd Bell Lodz Ghetto Reflection Over the last decade or so, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum or USHMM, received an extraordinary document; an album of hand-drawn New Year’s greetings presented by ghetto schools to the Jewish Council chairman, Chaim Rumkowski, and signed by thousands of Lodz Ghetto school children, a little over 13,000 student signatures to be more precise. This artifact inspired the start of the project known today as the Lodz Ghetto research project. All this information gives us more doors to open too see what happened to all these people. That is where the Lodz Ghetto research project picks up the slack. The purpose of this project is to find out what happened to every single child in this album. This gives the children, who are long gone, a voice so that we will never forget these kids. We are the ones that have to tell their story for them, based on artifacts in history; we are the ones who give them that voice. When looking the child that would research, I came across a lot of similar names and they were all hard to pronounce. But for some reason, when I came across the name Lejb Lolek Eisenberg, he was a young boy. I knew that was the person I wanted to research. Many people have asked me why I chose him specifically. To them I answer, no reason at all, I just seemed to like the name. Lejb was his original name supposedly, but during the “Identity” phase of my research, I came to the conclusion that Lejb and Lajb was the same person. Somewhere along the way, the spelling must have gotten mixed up witch was easy to do. While doing my research, I came across a lot of bad leads that led me too nothing but dead ends. Sometimes I would catch on to something special and get some information out of it. One part of the process gave me the most trouble; for the life of me, I could

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