Summary: The Rebellious Life Of Mrs. Rosa Parks

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Jeanne Theoharis. The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks. Boston: Beckon Press, 2013. Rosa Parks, an innovating, rebellious, symbolic women who did so much more than what most people actually realize. Before actually reading the book, The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks, I had no idea of all the different ways Mrs. Parks helped advance the rights of African Americans. Growing up I’ve always vaguely known about Mrs. Parks and how she changed the status quo by refusing to give up her seat to a white man, but there’s so much more to her than just that. Jeanne Theoharis does a great job by really showing the true life of Mrs. Parks that most people had no idea of by showing her life at an early stage, and how all the important people that…show more content…
Parks was also very intelligent and had a certain drive to learn as much as she could. She was devoted and loved to read, but seeing as she was a person of color it was hard for her to not only afford to go to school but to be allowed to go to school. She later had to drop out to take care of her family and focus on work, and around this time one of her friends introduced her to an activist named Raymond Parks, who would later be Mrs. Parks’ husband. After spending all of her time studying and learning about society Mrs. Parks wanted to act. She finally decided to go to a NAACP meeting on December 1943 to try and serve a purpose, which her husband was already a member of. There she would meet not only a lifelong friendship with a man named E. D. Nixon but “a partnership that would change the course of American history” (Theoharis 18). They soon become crucial members of NAACP, Nixon was the branch president and Mrs. Parks “was then elected the first secretary of the state conference” (Theoharis 27). This later allowed her to travel up to a two week workshop at the Highlander Folk School and help her refresh and see how the rest of the world treats African Americans. From returning from the workshop Mrs. Parks would perform the act that made her famous today. It has been told in a verity of ways by different authors but I think Jeanne Theoharis explains it very well. Theoharis really does an excellent job in putting the reader in Mrs. Parks shoes by showing a deeper and darker side of what really happened when Mrs. Parks was pushed too far. Theoharis gives a great detailed back story explaining how Mrs. Parks grew up and who she looked up too so it felt as if we as the readers were a part of her

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