The Short Bus

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Content The Short Bus is written from the life experiences of Jonathan Mooney, a man who had a learning disability and could not read until he was 12. He writes this book to help people become aware of the negative effects labeling a child with a disability can be. From the time he started school; Jonathan had a difficult time fitting into the mainstream of public schooling. It is a journey of self-reflection, and a window to a way of stepping outside the comforts of being “normal”. This is an eye-opening, insightful book that could be read by anyone who wants to face the hidden reality of what makes us unique and normal in our own way. Parents could benefit by the numerous examples of success and to ease their mind at the thought of no hope for their disabled child. Educators would be reminded of their commitment to provide all children a chance for success in school, without the negative effects of labels. Mooney looks deep into his own inadequacies for writing this first-hand memoir. Parts of the book are experiences of his childhood and the memories of the internal conflict he faced daily. He takes a 35,000 mile cross country road trip in none other than a special education short bus he names Bob Henry. On the way, he interviews adults and children with diverse disabilities to find how they have managed to stay true to themselves without the oppression of society. He places humor and lightness in a world that holds fear and resentment to the ones that do not fit the mold of ordinary. He doesn’t hold back on the fact that his own identity in school was based on his learning inadequacies, and the haunting memories of failure. Jonathan embarks on the journey of a lifetime along with his girlfriend Becky. During their road trip, they encounter numerous people along the way. Ashley, a malformed eight year old girl who has both hearing and vision
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