Lifespan Development Essay

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LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENTS AND HEALTHCARE NEEDS RESOURCE PACK Lifespan developments are the stages of development and progress from the birth of a person to his/her death and are studied in a variety of ways. Human growth and changes throughout our lifespan are developed with effect from the following: * Physical development -This is the development of the body including the brain, muscles and senses. This includes the need for food, drink and rest. * Cognitive development - This refers to how a person perceives, thinks and gains an understanding of the world through interaction of genetic and learned factors. This includes remembering, problem solving and decision making from childhood to adulthood. * Personality development - This is the pattern of behaviors and attitudes that makes a person distinctive. This development occurs by ongoing interaction of temperament, character and environment. * Social development - This is the interaction with an individual or groups in a manner that contributes positively to members of society. * Culture, ethnicity and race influence development - Some of these have a different approach in life as to what is expected of them. This may depend upon their origin and ethnicity. Development can be broken down into three major components that can overlap at times. These processes are: * Biological - This refers to the scientific process of when a child is born and develops to become a grown adult. This includes the processes and changes that occur which include, hormonal changes and the final stages of ageing. * Cognitive - Cognitive processes consists of all the mental processes and developments that occur during everyday life. Everything we do requires us to think accordingly, whether it is negative or positive. This includes problem solving, logic, reason, imagination and creativity. *

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