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Issues In Motor Development Essay

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Issues in Motor Development: Cognitive and Motor Deficits
March 25, 2010

Every parent wishes their children would grow up and have a high quality of life by reaching their full potential at every stage of their life, whether it when playing competitive soccer as a young child or working as an adult. There are physiological factors that influence your abilities and limitations during these time periods. Some disorders can influence your cognitive and physical capacities of a particular skill or group of skills. The disorders being examined are autism and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The characteristics of each disorder will be examined and whether there is cognitive and/or motor deficits associated. Development is a continuous process of change in our capacity to interact and exist within the world by a cumulative process (Getchell and Haywood, 2005). Along with being a continuous process development has two other defining characteristics. Getchell and Haywood (2005) describe how development is closely related to age and certain periods of rapid and slow change (p. 5). Lastly development is based on a sequence series of events that build off the previous. Motor development is the ``sequential, continuous age-related process whereby movement behaviour changes`` across a lifetime (Getchell & Haywood, 2005. p. 5). The paper will examine the effects of each disorder on motor development to determine whether both cognitive and motor deficits are commonly associated with it.
Across a lifespan motor development begins rapidly as a child and then plateaus once adulthood is reached. In a normally progressing child these changes occur in an orderly sequence. Autism is defined as a ``childhood disorder characterized by significant impairment in social interactions and communication and by restricted patterns of behaviour, interest, and activities`` (Barlow & Durand, 2002, p. 465). Unlike some other disorders autism is different because not all...

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