Liberal Education in Contemporary Higher Education

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Liberal Education in Contemporary Higher Education Marc D. Guerra’s “The Place of Liberal Education in Contemporary High Education” was published online on April 12, 2013. Guerra is a Theology major and currently works as a professor at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. In this article Guerra addresses the evolution of liberal education from the days of Socrates to the current regimen of most universities. Ancient philosopher’s analogies, current definitions, and comparison are techniques that Guerra uses to create a strong article. Guerra begins the article with an analogy of the popular comedy television show “Seinfeld” that has Elaine questioning what she is clinging to as she watches her fiancé participate in a cockfight at 3:30 in the morning. Comparing this to contemporary colleges, Guerra asks the same question, “What are we clinging to?” This opens up the article’s topic and lets us relate to it in a similar manner that everyone has most likely seen. By doing this Guerra has broadened his audience from university school boards, to students, professors, and other educational leaders or participates alike. The argument within the lines of this article goes back and forth debating why liberal education has filled universities with the desire to incorporate every subject. Guerra argues that it is a mistake to think that a liberal education means that one is intellectually and culturally, as the saying goes, well rounded. His article describes liberal educated people as the jack of all trades, who is also the master of none, yet students are pushed to choose where they will study, what they will study, and who the will be studying that with. Pushing more towards student audiences he points out that “We are choosing to believe that a particular person, perhaps our mother or father or brother or high school teacher….is worthy of our trust.”
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