Michael Moore And John Taylor Gatto Comparison

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According to John Taylor Gatto and Michael Moore in “Against School” and “Idiot Nation” the American Schooling system deceives the public into believing that it is being educated when in fact both men agree the system is conforming Americans into childish consumers bereft of truly significant learning. Both of the authors discuss consumerism in their stories; John Taylor Gatto does not discuss it as indepthly as Michael Moor, but he does mention it on page 154, basically saying that school trained children to almost not think at all… (Gatto 154). Michael Moore speaks on consumerism for about a length of 22 paragraphs at a minimum. “The schools aren’t just looking for ways to advertise, they are also concerned with the students perceptions on various products… Companies conduct market research in classrooms during school hours. “ (Moore 141). While Moore focuses more on the advertising established into school and companies promoting themselves using schools, Gatto speaks more one the effect that this way of schooling creates the adults in the world. Also he explains how marketing on the school systems is keeping the adults nowadays very “childish” or young in the mind. (Gatto 149) According to Gatto if you strip children of all of their independence, and only develop their trivial emotions, they would never truly grow up. (Gatto 154). The way that Moore brings up his version of childishness is with cold hard statistics about how idiotic our nation is as a whole. He says that there are more than 40 million Americans, who are essentially illiterate. (Moore 129) With these statistics, Moore indirectly proves that we are all childish by not increasing our intelligence level to Junior High at the least. These are staggering accusations. Since the authors believe that we are all childlike, they both also concur that we are being conformed in schools to all act exactly

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