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Shaniah Berrios English Comp 2 The Pledge of Allegiance My opinion on the Pledge of Allegiance has me very indecisive. I feel neither for it nor against it. After hearing, reading, and doing research I have an open mind on the situation. I can break down why and why not I would agree to certain things it stands for or what meanings it holds. Starting with agreeing on the Pledge and what it stands for. The phrase “under God” stood for so many good things. When Eisenhower put that in the Pledge, it was not only based on his believes but while going and coming out a war, the words were to unite us as people and a nation. At that time God and as well now, stands for positive and prosperous things. I think Eisenhower meant well by it, but now in the day and age we are in, opinions and personal beliefs are more voiced and expressed. Back in those days if…show more content…
As I said before, its 2012 and many people voice their opinion and everyone isn’t God fearing human beings. Some may feel as though their rights are being ignored. As it was in my school you had to recite the Pledge, whether you liked it or not. I have heard of things such as if the child is an atheist or doesn’t want to say it could sit down or be sent out the room while that time is going on. But if we are a country of democracy why should someone be forced into reciting or doing something they don’t feel believe in. I think the schools should write their own pledge relating to the education side of things. Having your own voice and being heard is a big part of our culture today. I think the children who didn’t recite the Pledge were somewhat outcaste. So the kids who didn’t say it were perfectly identified as different. Therefore could be bullied because of that. The United States being the “melting pot” is based on diversity. But as this world it, people judge you. So I feel based on that, it isn’t fair and

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