Peter Berkowitz's Our Compassless Colleges

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Peter Berkowitz, a professor of Stanford University in “Our Compassless Colleges” argues about liberal education in American universities. He proceeds by saying that liberal education in Universities is not structured correctly and that could lead the students to have problems in the long run. Furthermore Berkowitz stated that liberal education in universities provide only superficial-knowledge and not true education. As he sets many questions about who is truly an educated person and to support his ideas about the wrong guidance that universities give to the students, he gives as a major example one of the best universities worldwide, the Harvard University. Berkowitz claimed that although Harvard is a very good university in terms of certificate…show more content…
He starts by saying that that the students at Harvard university have to learn subjects that are not so important as subjects like Roman, Greek and Roman History or learning about novels poetry. Also the students have to study a language for only a year and that makes it impossible for the student to learn at least the basics of the language. He claims that the habits that you will get from the university have great significance in the long run for the students life. The liberal education lets students learn about their history and other nations history, also it can benefit not only students but help the whole society by participating in democracy and make them capable of distinguishing the public and the private interest. The one of the main problem about liberal arts core is that teachers distinguish some books from others by telling the students that some are better from the others, and don’t teach anything outside their experience. At the end Berkowitz propose the real value of liberal education. I strongly agree with some of Berkowitz opinions about the structure that Harvard should have ad about the importance of liberal
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