Level 3 Shc 31 Essay

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Shc 31 1.2 When working at my Day Centre, I work as part of a team, this means I need to be a good team player and get along with all other staff members as well as our clients. If I don’t communicate well then this can limit my ability to connect with others in a meaningful way. This could lead to conflict, mistrust and cause me to be excluded by my work colleagues. Positive communication skills like listening, open ended questions as well as calm tone of voice help to unite people and make their relationship grow stronger. When people communicate effectively and express clearly what they need the other person to understand and allow others to do the same, what ever level you are communicating at, then a exchange of information takes place which becomes clear and understood, which help things get done or happen, Ineffective communication has an opposite effect and can cause barriers or segregation from your work colleagues and hinder promotional aspects. Effective communication will help build good relationships and trust with colleagues, parents , clients and professionals and will develop your role within the workplace. 2.2 There are different types of effective communication which would be used in various situations.. It will depend on who you are communicating with ,whether you are effective or not and communication needs to be age appropriate. Learning disabilities, children and adults understand at different levels so communicate in a way that is appropriate to them and a way they will understand. Appropriate place is important too it may be a confidential or delicate matter, which may need to be discussed in private away from other parents or colleagues. Body language shows the other person you are interested and want to listen or talk, respond appropriately, this will encourage the conversation and shows you have listened to what the other
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