Participate Effectively in the Work Environment and Ensure the Health and Safety of Children

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1. List ways in which you could demonstrate respect for other workers in your workplace. Answer:  I will speak to everyone in a friendly way and use active listening skills when other team members are talking to me;  Respect team members culture background, experiences values and beliefs;  Do the work I have been given as quickly as I can; and be willing to do more than my share when things get busy;  Offer my help to other team members when I can see that they need; give sincere praise and support to other team members;  Cooperate with, rather than compete against, my co-workers;  Discuss problems with supervisor; receive criticism thoughtfully, trying not to feel hurt or offended;  Be accepting of the fact that others can have a valid point of view even if it differs with mine. 2. Explain how using a positive approach toward a co-worker who lacks confidence in the workplace can help them to gain more confidence. Answer:  Offering encouragement;  Recognising their strengths, skills and preferences;  Listening to their needs and opinions;  Responding sensitively to their needs;  Value the co-worker’s skills, abilities and opinions;  Sharing resources, my own talents and skills, the co-worker can benefit from my knowledge;  Share the workload and responsibilities;  Demonstrating or explaining something I know more about; 3. How can you show respect for the role of a senior member of staff who has asked you to follow a set of instructions? Answer:  Use active listening skills and eye contact when the senior member of staff is talking to me;  Clearly and tactfully voice my concerns at the appropriate time to clarify the instructions;  Using caring and respectful communication techniques to discuss the problems;  Receive the senior member’s opinions, criticism and advices positively and thoughtfully;  Cooperate with other
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