Unit 1: Pwcs 31 Principles of Communication

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Question 1: What are the different reasons why people communicate? The different reasons why people communicate are primarily to promote a relaxed introduction to each other and be able to build a relationship whether personal or professional. Initially by talking, a rapport can be built and a knowledge of the person can grown, usually this can only be achieved if it is a two way process, this will also give the ability to identify a persons mood and responses, thus be able to respect the needs and wishes of each other, building trust and able to have relaxed conversations. Issues can be addressed through communication be it health or conflict and be able to support and advise. Question 2: Communication is important to forming relationships with people. Explain how communication affects relationship in your care setting. Effective communication between adult social care workers (colleagues) is important because of the need to build trust and understanding between one another, this gives the ability to open up and ask questions on tasks or issues that are new or difficult to address with the added respect of other colleagues experience, thus enable good team building and sharing of information, also to have an attitude of sharing the work load making the job at hand and work life easier all round. This is also if not more important when supporting other people (service users) to promote that you are reliable and trustworthy. Listening and showing commitment that the persons best interests are at heart, with good time keeping and seeing tasks throw will build confidence with the service user. When a good solid rapport is built the service user should feel confident to approach and address certain achievements that can be overcome, i.e.; personal hygiene or domestic house hold tasks. Question 3: The following questions are about factors to consider

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