Lesson 2 Knowledge Assessment

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Lesson 2 knowledge Assessment Fill in the Blank 1. The primary tool used to configure the Windows environment and hardware is the control panel. 2. UAC is a feature that helps prevent a program making a change without you knowing about it. 3. Every computer in a network should have a unique computer name assigned to it. 4. A domain is a logical unit of computers that share the same security database and is usually associated with Microsoft’s Active Directory. 5. Romote Desktop allows you to connect to a server remotely to run programs just as if you were sitting in front of the computer. 6. For many security mechanisms to work, your computer needs to have the correct data and time. 7. Drivers are programs that control a device and act as a translator between the device and the operating sustem and programs that use the device. 8. Plug and play allows you to install or connect a device, and the operating system will automatically recognize, configure, and install the appropriate drivers for the device. 9. A Signal driver is a device driver that includes a digital signature proving who published the device driver and whether the device driver has been altered. 10. Device manager provides you with a graphical view of the hardware that is installed in your computer and gives you a way to manage and configure your devices. Multiple Choice 1. Which tool allows support personnel to interact with your session to help troubleshoot problems? B. Remote Assistance 2. If you connect to your internal network, what should you check if you cannot connect to web servers on the internet? C. Proxy settings 3. What technology automatically configures IRQs, DMA channels, I/O port addresses, and memory addresses ranges for an expansion card? D. Plug and Play 4. Which built-in account gives full access to the computer system? A. Local System 5. What is a

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