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COMP 129 Final Exam Answers All Possible Questions For Any Information or Any Class Which you did not find on Our Website, Just Hit US Email On below address Email Address: Visit Our Website: COMP 129 Final Exam Answers All Possible Questions 1.(TCO 1) The HAL and executive services are elements of the __________. application software shell kernel* device drivers 2. (TCO 1) Information on installed hardware, software, system configuration, and current running programs can be accessed using ________. command prompt (cmd.exe) control panel system information utility (msinfo32.exe) Explorer…show more content…
(TCO 2) The ____ is a measure of resistance to electricity Ohm* amp volt watt 4. (TCO 2) A system might have up to ____ types of ribbon cables two three* four five 5. (TCO 2) When should a soft boot be used on your computer? Only when absolutely necessary Never Anytime you want* There is no such thing as a soft boot. 6. (TCO 3) What type of RAM do most motherboards use today? RIMM Rambus SAMM DIMM 7. (TCO 3) To help secure a computer, you can set a startup or “power-on” password so that the startup BIOS will ask for the password during the boot process. This password is stored in _______. BIOS CMOS RAM* DDR RAM the CPU 8. (TCO 3) The term form factor in regards to a motherboard refers to the ______ layout of the components on the board physical logical proposed inverted 9. (TCO 9) When you first purchase a notebook, make sure you have a ____ CD containing the installed OS so you can recover from a failed hard drive development management diagnostic recovery 10. (TCO 9) ____ let you specify which devices are to be loaded on startup for a particular user or set of circumstances Hardware profiles* Folder redirections Briefcase profiles Startup profiles 11. (TCO 9) What types of SO-DIMMS can NOT be used in a notebook

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