Nt1230 Unit 5 Set 1

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NT1230 Unit 5. Problem Set 1. Unit 5 Problems A. Automated password guessing B. Windows authorization mechanism C. Passwords plus smartcards D. Stored in a digital certificate E. Standard for smart card support F. Decrypts data encrypted with a certificate G. Firewall exceptions H. Standard for fingerprint scanners and other devices I. Potentially destructive software J. Firewall rule requiring IPsec 1. Multifactor authentication = C 2. Malware = I 3. Brute force =A 4. Personal Identity Verification (PIV) = E 5. Private Key = F 6. Windows Biometric Framework = H Charles W Henderson NT1230 7. User rights = B 8. Authenticated exception = J 9. Public Key = D 10. Rules = G 1. Which of the following account lockout policy modifications could you make to ensure that user passwords cannot be intercepted by analyzing captured packets? (D) Disable the Store Passwords Using Reversible Encryption policy 2. Which of the following mechanisms is most often used in firewall rules to allow traffic on to the network? (D) Port numbers 3. Which of the following NTFS features is incompatible with EFS encryption? (A) Compression 4. Which of the following command-line parameters will prevent a program executed using Runas.exe from accessing the elevated user’s encrypted files? (B) /noprofile 5. Which of the following actions can you NOT perform from the Windows Firewall control panel? (choose all that apply) (C) Create firewall exceptions based on port numbers 6. Which of the following policy modifications would make it harder for intrudes to penetrate user passwords by a brute force attack? (choose all that apply) (A) Increase the value of the Reset Account Login Counter after Policy 7. Connection security rules requires that network traffic allowed through the
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