NT1330: Chapter 4 Solutions Review Questions

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Chapter 4 Solutions Review Questions 1. Which of the following is a fast and easy way to gather information about a company? (Choose all that apply.) * c. View the company’s Web site. * d. Look for company ads in phone directories. 2. To find information about the key IT personnel for a company’s domain, you might use which of the following tools? (Choose all that apply.) * a. Whois * c. SamSpade 3. _____ is one of the components most vulnerable to network attacks. * d. DNS 4. Which of the following contains host records for a domain? * a. DNS 5. Which of the following is a good Web site for gathering information on a domain? * e. All of the above 6. A cookie can store information about…show more content…
Which of the following tools can be used to enumerate Windows systems? (Choose all that apply.) * a. OpenVAS * b. DumpSec * d. Hyena 24. Enumeration of Windows systems can be more difficult if port ____ is filtered. * d. 139/TCP 25. A null session is enabled by default in all the following Windows versions except: * b. Windows Server 2008 26. The Net view command can be used to see whether there are any shared resources on a server. True or False? * True 27. To identify the NetBIOS names of systems on the network, which of the following commands do you use? * a. nbtscan 28. Which of the following is a Windows command-line utility for seeing NetBIOS shares on a network? * c. Net view 29. To view eDirectory information on a NetWare 5.1 server, which of the following tools should you use? * d. Novell Client 30. The Nbtstat command is used to enumerate *nix systems. True or False? * False 31. A NetBIOS name can contain a maximum of ___ characters. * c. 15 32. Which of the following commands connects to a computer containing shared files and folders? * b. Net use 33. Which port numbers are most vulnerable to NetBIOS attacks? * c. 135 to

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