Nt1210 Unit 4 Lab 4.4

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UNIT 4 Lab 4.4 : Cable Troubleshooting 4.4.1 It displays the device type, the manufacturer and t he location. It also stats if the device is working properly and if there any other underlyi ng issues to click on the troubleshoot tab. 4.4.2 Battery Mode Link Detection, Battery Speed Settings , Energy Star, Flow Control, Interrupt Moderation, IPv4 Checksums Offload, Log S tatus Messages, Network Address. It provides the driver details, updates th e driver, disable a selected device, and uninstall a device. 4.4.3 Noise SMF Crosstalk Coaxial Interference Coaxial Op en (Open Circuit) UTP Short (Short Circuit) MMF Break UTP 4.4.4 I first start with my anti-virus to run any scans, after that I go into my device manager and click the network adapter. I then will go into my general tab and click trouble shoot. 4.4.5 Some of the common strategies for trouble shooting from top down starts with are you able to view a web page in your browser, can you se nd or receive email and/or are your username and password correct, and are your Interne t Explorer connection settings correct. If none of those are an issue you take it a little further. Is there a firewall configured on your computer, is your firewall block ing ports, if you turn off the firewall does it resolve your problem? If not move onto the Network Layer; can you ping your default gateway, are your IP settings correct, can you trace a well-known IP/DNS address/URL, and finally has your network adaptor b een assigned an APIPA address? You then move to the data link layer. Is the light lit on your network interface card, is your NIC inserted/installed correctly, is the NIC d isabled in the device 4.4 review 1. The divide-and-conquer

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