Itt 220 Unit 2

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Homework Week 2 2. Which layer of the TCP/IP model process request from hosts to make sure a connection is made to the appropriate port? Application Layer 3. What are well-known ports. Ports 1 to 1023 4. Identify the port numbers for the following applications a. Telnet 23 b. HTTP 80 c. FTP 20, 21 d. DNS 53 e. DHCP 67, 68 5. Define the purpose of a connection oriented protocol. Give an example. It establishes the network connection, manages the data transfer, and terminates the connection. Packets get sent and an acknowledgement is sent back saying it was received. 6. What three packets are exchanged between two hosts when establishing a TCP connection? SYN, SYN/ACK, ACK (Synchronizing, Synchronizing Acknowledgement, and Acknowledgment Packet) 10. What is a connectionless protocol? Give an example. User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Packets are sent without a connection No acknowledgement of receipt is sent back when a packet is sent. 14. What important networking troubleshooting tool is part of ICMP, and how does it test a network connection. Ping is a troubleshooting tool part of ICMP. It uses a series of echo requests, and the networking device receiving the echo request responds with a series of echo replies to test a network connection. 28. What is the purpose of a class D IP address. Multicasting 32. How many network bits are in each of the following classes. a. Class A 8 bits b. Class B 16 bits 33. How many network and host bits are in a class C network address? 24 Network, 8 Host

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