Networking Hw Week 4

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IT220 Chapter 11 questions 1. List 2 advantages of wireless networking. Speed , security 2. 3. What is an ad hoc network? Another term used to describe an independent. 4. 5. What are 4 physical layer technologies being used in 802.1 wireless networking? 6. 7. Define a pseudorandom sequence as it applies to FHSS. The number sequence is random but actually repeats. So that a connection link can be established and synchronized. 8. 9. What is the frequency range used by 802.11a, and what modulation technique is used? 2.4GHz, OFDM 10. 11. Define MIMO as it applies to 802.11n. a space division multiplexing technique where the data stream is split into multiple posts called spatial streams 12. 13. What is the purpose of an access point? A transceiver used to interconnect a wireless and a virtual 14. 15. What is an association, and what is its purpose? To build a table of clients/users on a wireless network 16. 17. Draw a picture of a point-to-multipoint wireless network. 18. 19. In what frequency band does Bluetooth operate? 2.4GHz ISM 20. 21. What is a piconet? An ad hoc network of up to 8 Bluetooth devices 22. 23. What is the purpose of the paging procedure in Bluetooth? Used to establish a and synchronize a connection between 2 Bluetooth devices 24. 25. What are the 3 parameters that define a RFID system? a. Means of powering the tag b. Frequency of operation c. Communication protocol 26. 27. Cite 3 advantages for using an active TRID tag? 28. 29. What is the WiMax frequency standard for the United States? 3.5GHz 30. 31. How does WiMax differ from Wi-Fi? Different standard, greater speed/range 32. 33. What is the purpose of wireless beacons? Used to verify the integrity of

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