Chapter 1-23 Review Questions

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Chapter 1 review questions 1. F. TCP D. UDP 2. A. ETHERNET G.PPP 3. B. Adjacent-layer interaction 4. B. Same-layer interaction 5. A. Data encapsulation 6. D. Frame 7. C. Layer 3 8. A. Layer 1 9. F. Layer 6 10. C. Transmission E. Internet Chapter 2 review questions 1. D. Connect each device to a centralized LAN switch using UTP cabling. 2. A. connect each device in series using coaxial cabling 3. B. pins 1 and 2 on one end of the cable connect to pins 3 and 6 on the other end of the cable. 4. B. PC and switch D. Router and hub E. wireless access point and switch 5. B. collisions can happen, but the algorithm defines how the computers should notice a collision and how to recover. 6. C. two PCs, with one cabled to a router Ethernet port with a crossover cable and the other PC cabled to another router Ethernet port with a crossover cable. 7. A. hubs create a single electrical bus to which all devices connect, causing the devices to share the bandwidth. C. hubs allow collisions to occur when two attached devices send data at the same time. 8. C. Broadcast address D. Multicast address 9. A. Framing 10. B. Each manufacturer puts a unique code into the first 3 bytes of the address. C. each manufacturer puts a unique code into the first half of the address. E. the part of the address that holds this manufacturer’s code is called the OUI 11. C. it resides in the Ethernet trailer, not the Ethernet header. Chapter 3 review questions 1. B. delivery of bits from one device to another 2. B. CSU/DSU 3. B. CSU/DSU 4. A. Routers 5. E. Identifying the type of protocol that is inside the frame 6. E. None of these answers are correct. 7. A. Data-link connection

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