Unit 1 Assignment 1: Computer Basics Review

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Multiple-choice questions 1. C. Represents one binary digit 2. B. Megabyte 3. C. 64 bits per quadruple word 4. A. Used for short-term memory E. Is installed onto the motherboard 5. A. The CPU tells the RAM which address holds the data that the CPU wants to read. 6. C. Character set 7. D. The binary equivalent of decimal 123456789 8. A. An actuator arm 9. A. Keeps data in order 10. A. By reading the file system’s directory information, which is stored on the storage device 11. B. Using a magnetic charge 12. B. Used for long-term memory D. Connects to the CPU over a bus using a cable 13. A. Actuator arm C. Platters 14. A. RAM D. USB flash drive 15. A. Keyboard map 16. D. By closing an electrical circuit connected to the key when the key is pressed 17. B. Two dimensions: movement as two numbers: one in the direction of the X axis of an X, Y graph and the other on the Y axis. 18. C. Input of commands that control the computer 19. C. The screen is using more than 1 million pixels. D. 1024 is the number of items top to bottom in a grid on the screen. 20. A. Information that identifies each individual pixel on the computer display B. A binary code for each pixel, defining its color List the Words Inside Acronyms RAM: random-access memory OS: operating system CPU: central processing unit KB: kilobytes MB: megabytes GB: gigabytes TB: terabytes USB: universal serial bus HDD: hard disk drive ODD: optical disc drive I/O: input and output DPI: dots per

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