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Final Review First 43 are in the Cisco book. 1. What does a router do? 2. What is a cross-over cable for? 3. What does ENVY RAM stand for? 4. Where is running config stored? 5. What type of memory is IOS stored in? 6. What is CDP-Cisco? 7. What are !!!!? Answer- Success 8. What will 0x2102 do? 9. What will show CDP interface do? 10. What will secret password cisco do? Answer- Global config 11. What is control P for in Cisco? Answer- Cycles through commands 12. What command disables the configuration settings? 13. Basic command to test connectivity Answer- ping 14. What will IP route 20.0.0 1.06.25 Answer- Administrative 15. What type of memory stores the bootstrap? 16. Where is the startup configuration stored? 17. What are the straps in the router. 18. What information do we get after a ping? 19. Why was IPv 6 introduced? 20. Something with clock rate 21. What command would we use to discuss the registar setting? 22. What is the output of the show version command? 23. What is a routing protocol? 24. What is a static route? 25. What command would we use for entry into user mode? 26.UDP what refrenece model layer? 27. What is an administrative default layer rip? Answer- 120 28. What will show flash do? 29. What is the next step after post? 30. Characteristics of distance router protocols? 31. What are the functions of a router? 32. What # mode designates? 33. ICP echo request generated when? 34. What would you use to verify layer 7? 35. What will show CDP interface? 36. Telnet, TFTP, FTP, and SNMP 37. What type of memory has a limited version of Cisco IOS? Answer- Pg. 6 of cisco book 38. What is a wild card? 39. Telnet provides what type of terminal? 40. What will copy TFTP do? 41. What will access-list 1 permit 42. Deny DNS requests? Answer -53 43. What does show access-list running? Next

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