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Chapter 5 –CQ4-Questions and Problems Section 5-2 1. What is a Bridge? Answer: Is a layer 2 device in the OSI model that uses the MAC address information to forward data and interconnect two LAN’s. 2. Define a segment. Answer: A section of a network separated by bridges, switches and routers. 3. What information is stored in a bridge table? Answer: MAC addresses and port locations for hosts connected to the bridge ports. 4. What is an association on a bridge and how is it used? Answer: MAC addresses and port locations for hosts connected to the bridge ports. 5. What are excessive amounts of broadcasts on a network called? Answer: Broadcast Storm 6. What command is used on a computer to view the contents of the ARP cache? Answer: arp -a 7. An empty ARP cache indicates what? Answer: The MAC addresses in the bridge table have all expired from no data traffic and have been deleted. 8. Why do entries into the bridging table have a limited lifetime? Answer: MAC addresses into the bridge table are temporary. The MAC address entry to the bridge table remains active as long as there is periodic data traffic activity from that host on its port. Therefore the MAC address entries have become inactive and therefore the expiration timer has expired and not renewed since no new data traffic has occurred. 9. Which of the following are advantages of using a bridge to interconnect LANs? Answer: Relatively inexpensive, Easy to install, Reduces collision domains Section 5-3 10. The network switch operates at what layer of the OSI model? Answer: layer 2 -Data Link Layer 11. Another name for a switch is Answer: Multiport Bridge 12. How does a switch provide a link with minimal collisions? Answer: Simultaneous direct data connections for multiple pairs of hosts connected to the network. Only two computers that established the

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