It222 Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration Unit 4

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Fill in the Blank 1. A(n) _global group_ can only contain members from within the same domain. 2. You can use the __CSVDE__ utility to import data from Comma-Separated Values (CSV) files. 3. Each user and group object has a(n) _SAM account name_, which must be unique across an entire Active Directory domain. 4. The Anonymous Logon group is an example of a(n) _special identity group_. 5. You can use the __LDIFDE__ command-line utility to create and modify Active Directory objects. 6. When users log on to Active Directory, they receive a(n) _access token_ consisting of all of their security group memberships. 7. A local user is stored in the __Security Account Manager (SAM)__ database of the computer on which it was created. 8. Each CSV file needs to begin with a(n) __header record__ when used with the CSVDE command-line tool. 9. A(n) __distribution group__ can only be used to send and receive email, not to secure network resources. 10. __Group nesting__ is the practice of adding one group as a member of another group. Multiple Choice 1. Which special identity group controls anonymous access to resources in Windows Server 2008? D. Anonymous Logon 2. What defines the types of objects that can belong to a particular group and the types of resources that group can be used to secure? A. Group scope 3. What technique is used to configure one security group as a member of another security group? B. Group nesting 4. The Administrator and Guest user accounts are examples of C. Built-in user account 5. Which command-line tool can be used to create various object types within Active Directory? C. dsadd 6. Which input file format allows you to create, modify, and delete objects within Active Directory? A. LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) 7. Which group type allows you to assign permissions to resources, as well

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