Nt1230 Unit 6 Problem Set 1

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German Dixon NT1230 Unit 6 Problem Set 1. Which of the following service priority guidelines are not accurate? You should rate departmental issues according to how the issues affect senior management. 2. Place these troubleshooting steps in the correct order, using the procedure described in this lesson as your guide: Document the solution (4) Establish the symptoms (1) Test the result (3) Select the most probable cause (2) 3. Which of the following Windows 7 tools does not aid in the network troubleshooting process? Network Diagnostics 4. Which of the following Windows 7 tools does not aid in the hardware troubleshooting process? Nslookup.exe 5. Which of the following operating systems cannot use BranchCache? Windows Vista Windows Server 2008 6. When you load Windows RE from the Windows 7 installation DVD, the system provides you with a choice of recovery tools which of the following is not included? 7. Place the following steps of the windows 7 start up process in their proper order. Windows Boot Manager phase (3) Windows Boot Loader phase (4) Power-on-self-test (POST) phase (1) Initial startup phase (2) 8. Which Windows XP Startup component is no longer needed in Windows 7? Recover Console 9. BranchCache is a client/server application that supports which of the following two operational modes? Distribute cache mode. 10. For stand-alone systems or small networks, Windows 7 includes backup tools that you can use to protect your data. Which of the following devices do the Windows 7 backup tools not permit for backup storage? An online backup service. READ FULL

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