Chapter 6.1: Annotated Bibliography

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Chapter 6 1.b. Limits 2 a. Create a new top-level folder. 3. c. Create an administrative group for the London Exchange servers. 4. a. c, e, b, a, d 5. d. Orlando 6. a. Disallow public folder referrals on the LA-NY connector. 7. c. Create additional public folder trees on EXCH3. 8. d. John is not allowed to perform any actions on the public folders. 9. b. Organization 10 d. Enable circular logging on the storage group that contains the public folder stores 11. a. Enterprise Admins 12. d. EXCH1, EXCH2, and EXCH3 13. c. Remove one of the mailbox stores from the downtown Exchange server. 14. a. Convert the active/active cluster to a three-node active/passive cluster with two active nodes. 15. d. Mail…show more content…
d. Exchange General 22. b. Click the Administration tab and select Moderated Folder. 23. b. Exchange System Manager 1 . Allow public folder referrals for the Marietta–Atlanta and Kennesaw–Marietta connectors. e. Disallow public folder referrals for the Atlanta–Kennesaw connector. 2. d. Configure the Marietta–Atlanta connector with a cost of 40. Chapter 7 1. b. Minimum 2. c. Select UUEncode. Do not select the Use BinHex For Macintosh check box. 3. c. .NET password authentication 4. b. Increase the connection time-out value on the front-end POP3 virtual server. 5. c. The Exchange virtual server on a back-end server 6. c. Verify that moved user accounts have POP3 enabled. 7. a. View the system log in Event Viewer. 8. b. Create an additional HTTP virtual server. 9. a. The SMTP default virtual server 10. b. Enable anonymous authentication on the SMTP virtual server. Enable only Integrated Windows Authentication on the Exchange virtual server. 11. a. Restrict access by IP address. 12. d. Exchange Server 2003 will not install until you have disabled and removed the Windows Server 2003 POP3…show more content…
c. Implement a front-end and back-end server topology. Configure a single HTTP virtual server on the front end and configure back-end servers with multiple virtual directories. 14. c. Disable support for rich-text formatting. 15. d. System Attendant 16. b. She needs to start the NNTP service manually and then configure it to start automatically 17. a. Paths to internal server files 18. b. Delivery 19. d. Configure your Exchange server to use Transport Layer Security (TLS) when it connects to the mail server at Northwind Traders. Ask Don Hall to configure the Exchange servers at Northwind Traders in the same way. 20. a. The virtual server is paused. 21. . On the Diagnostic Logging tab select IMAP4Svc in the Services section, select General in the Category section, and then select Medium. 22. d. Double-click the virtual server. Select Current Sessions in the console tree. Right-click Alice’s user account in the details pane, and then click Terminate. 23. d. Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)

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