It 222 Week 1

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Joe Smith IT222 Homework 1.1 PG 19 Fill in the Blank 1-10 1) The active directory database is stored on each domain controller in a file called _____. • ntds.dit 2) The active directory _______ is considered the security boundary for an active directory environment. • Forest 3) To provide fault tolerance, active directory utilizes a _______ replication model. • multimaster 4) To create a trust relationship with an NT4 domain, you will configure an ______. • External trust 5) The ______ naming context is replicated across the domain. • Domain 6) The ________ of an active directory object identifies its location within the directory structure. • Attributes 7) A ________ provides a two-way transitive trust relationship between all domains within two forests. • cross-forest trust 8) Each domain in an active directory has a ________ trust relationship with every other domain in a forest. • two-way transitive 9) _______ allows a user at a remote site to be able to log into active directory without needing to contact a global catalog server. • Universal group caching 10) Active directory clients rely on ________ in DNS to locate active directory resources such as domain controllers and global catalog servers. • SRV records PG 57-58 Multiple Choice 1-10 1) What mechanism within DNS is used to set up load balancing between multiple servers that are advertising the same SRV records? • Priority 2) What security improvement allows you to begin the installation of an RODC from a secure central location before completing it at the remote site where the RODC will be housed? • Staged Installation 3) What does each class or attribute that you add to the active directory schema need to have? • Object

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