60-646 Lesson 6

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LESSON 6 Knowledge Assessment Matching: Complete the following exercise by matching the terms with their corresponding definitions. 1. __G___ switched fabric 2. __D___ VDS hardware provider 3. __F___ disk duplexing 4. __J___ JBOD 5. __B___ logical unit numbers 6. __A___ block I/O access 7. __I___ iSNS 8. __E___ Fibre Channel 9. __C___ iSCSI initiator 10. __H____ direct-attached storage A. Enables a database application to access specific records in a database file stored on a SAN drive array B. Identifies specific devices in a drive array C. Installed by default in Windows Server 2008 D. Provided with some SAN drive arrays E. Supports copper and fiber optic media F. Requires redundant drives and redundant host adapters G. Fibre Channel topology H. Hard drive installed inside a computer I. Maintains a database of targets and initiators J. Disk array that does not use RAID Multiple Choice: Select one or more correct answers for each of the following questions. 1. Which of the following statements are true of striped volumes? a. Striped volumes provide enhanced performance over simple volumes. d. If a single physical disk in the striped volume fails, all of the data in the entire volume is lost. 2. Which of the following are requirements for extending a volume on a dynamic disk? a. If you want to extend a simple volume, you can use only the available space on the same disk if the volume is to remain simple. d. You can extend a simple volume across additional disks if it is not a system volume or a boot volume. 3. Which of the following is the application layer protocol used for all communications between Internet Storage Name Service clients and servers? b. iSNSP 4. Which of the following is not true in reference to converting a basic disk to a dynamic disk? b. You cannot convert drives with volumes that

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