Differentiating Between Files Systems

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Theren Woods NT1110 Computer Structure and Logic Short answer 4.1 Differentiating Between Files Systems Questions 1. Which file system is intended primarily for use in large USB flash drives ? Support your answer with a proper rationale. 2. Which file system provides support for larger hard drives and better security in the form of encryption and permissions that restrict access by unauthorized users? Support your answer with a proper rationale. 3. Why FAT32 is preferred over NTFS file system? Answers 1. There are two types of file systems that are being compared and those systems are the File Allocation Table FAT and the New Technology File System NTFS. The NTFS would be the best used for a flash drive versus the FAT32 simply for the fact that the NTFS has a built-in compression, partitions size of 2TB but can reach 16exabytes, support for EFS ,encrypting file system and indexing. 2. The NTFS provides support to the larger hard drive and better security. The partition size of the NTFS has a maximum size of 16 Exabytes, 16 billion bytes ,even though it is said to have on 2TB. EFS Encrypting File System allows data to be stored on to a device in an encrypted form which mean no password then no access. 3. The NTFS has more to offer than the FAT32. The NTFS has different levels of access control that can be by group or by user in both individual files or folders, files can be compressed, has a separate recycle bin per user, security by using an EFS, removable media drives and has an indexing service to help the user locate information easier and

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