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+CIS305b Test #1 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. F 1. Redundancy wastes space because you are storing the same data in more than one place. T 2. Sharing data is one advantage of database processing. T 3. A relation is essentially just a two-dimensional table. T 4. To create a view in Access, you simply create and then save a query. Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. C 5. A(n) ____ is a person, place, object, event, or idea for which you want to store and process data. a.|attribute|c.|entity| b.|DBMS|d.|DBA| A 6. A(n) ____ is a characteristic or property of an entity. a.|attribute|c.|datapoint| b.|constraint|d.|record|…show more content…
A(n) ____ is the computer counterpart to an ordinary paper file you might keep in a file cabinet or an accounting ledger. a.|spreadsheet|c.|data file| b.|database|d.|attribute| B 8. An association between entities is known as a(n) ____. a.|integrity constraint|c.|database| b.|relationship|d.|data file| C 9. During the ____ process, a database expert determines the structure of the required database. a.|data security|c.|database design| b.|database integrity|d.|database selection| A 10. ____ are screen objects used to maintain, view, and print data from a database. a.|Forms|c.|Data files| b.|Fields|d.|Entities| D 11. An integrity constraint is a rule that ____. a.|is kept in an external file| b.|can unintentionally be accessed by unauthorized users| c.|can be accessed only by authorized users| d.|data must follow in the database| B 12. A database has ____ if the data in it satisfies all established integrity constraints. a.|redundancy|c.|data independence| b.|integrity|d.|database…show more content…
A ____ query creates a new table using the query results. a.|make-table|c.|create-table| b.|new-table|d.|merge-table| D 20. The ____ command within relational algebra takes a vertical subset of a table. a.|SELECT|c.|PROGRAM| b.|DELETE|d.|PROJECT| B 21. The ____ command within relational algebra includes the word OVER followed by a list of the columns to be included. a.|DELETE|c.|INTERSECT| b.|PROJECT|d.|UNION| A 22. Two tables are considered to be ____ compatible if they have the same number of columns and their corresponding columns represent the same type of data. a.|union|c.|difference| b.|intersection|d.|product| C 23. Using the product operator, if table A has 4 rows and table B has 4 rows, the number of rows in the product of these two tables is ____. a.|4|c.|16| b.|8|d.|256| A 24. The ____ command will create an application program's or individual user's picture of the database. a.|CREATE SNAPSHOT|c.|SELECT VIEW| b.|SELECT SNAPSHOT|d.|CREATE VIEW| D 25. Essentially, setting the value in a given field to ____ is similar to not entering a value in it at all. a.|0|c.|blank| b.|nil|d.|null| D 26. The CHECK clause can be included in the ____

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