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What is Collaborative Practitioner Research? Research Research can be defined as a systematic and critical investigation designed to increase the sum of human knowledge. That implies that the researcher (you!) is finding out something new - not just collecting facts from books and elsewhere, which is what we sometimes tell children is research. The word also implies that the method must be a recognised and accepted approach. Research is not primarily about opinions but about evidence. Practitioner Research Practitioners find themselves right in the middle of a situation. They are not an external and objective observer. They are involved, practically involved and emotionally involved. Teachers, as practitioners, care about the children in their…show more content…
This one is reasonably simple and comprehensive. Following it is certainly not compulsory in any sense, but it does cover all the main stages that are necessary for a successful CPR project. Step 1. Identify the…show more content…
Analyse and Present your Data Now you must analyse your raw data. As Sagor (1993, p.10) put it, if collecting data is the heart of the process, data analysis is the soul. It involves looking systematically at all the data collected and identifying patterns and/or trends. One approach is to use a data sorting matrix. The first stage is to ‘sift’ the data. Sit down, in your collaborative group, and together skim over the data picking out significant points or interesting ideas. If several people come up with a point, or several are particularly interested in a point, note it down. You should aim for 3 or 4 themes. Then construct the matrix. There are various way of doing this, use a spreadsheet if you are computer-literate. Possibly better is to use sheets of A4 paper. Lay these out, on the floor, in the form of a table. You will need one column for each theme already identified. You will need one row for each data window used (presumably 3). Put headers on each row and column. Finally add a row for the final summaries. Parents intervening with the phonics The questionnaire Pressure to read sooner Cartoon style fantasy books Snapshot observations Feedback on the ’Unique story’

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