Unit 1 Assignment 1

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Unit 1 True/False Questions Indicate whether the following statements are true or false on the student answer sheet. 1) At its simplest, a database can be seen as a collection of related data. a. T 2) A delimited file is a file where the length of the file is limited. b. F 3) A delimited file is one in which the data is separated by a character such as a comma. c. T 4) All fixed length files are of the same length. d. T 5) In relational databases, logical design is kept separate from physical design. e. F 6) A hierarchical database is designed with a tree-like structure that resembles a file system. f. T 7) Codd defined the core principles of a relational database in 1970. g. T 8) Data redundancy improves the integrity of a database. h. T 9) In a diagram, crows feet notation conveys more information about the relationships. i. T 10) A primary key uniquely identifies each row in a database table. j. F 11) In a relational database, all data is kept in tables, even the information about the tables. k. T 12) SQL is the language used by relational databases to create objects and to manipulate and retrieve data. l. T 13) An entity is someone who is interested in the database. m. F 14) In a statement of scope, a constraint is a limit on what the database will do. n. T 15) Oracle is a popular relational database management system. o. T 16) A relational database management system does not include tools for backing up and restoring databases. p. T 17) Documentation is not an important part of database development. q. T 18) In a statement of work, the objective section describes how the proposed new database is meant to serve. r. F 19) It is important to document both the design

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