Nt1310 Chapter 11 Essay

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CHAPTER 11 LESSON 1 1. Printers are connected to a physical port on the print server. 2. Do you have to have a computer running one of the Windows Server products to have a print server on your network? Why or Why not? Ans. No, Because print server itself has it’s own IP Address to be on Network. 3. How many Concurrent connections from other computers for file and print services can Windows XP Professional provide? Choose the Correct answer. Ans. 10 Connections. 4. A (n) Printer Driver is one file or set of files containing information that Windows XP Professional requires to convert print commands into a specific printer language, such as Post Script. 5. Windows XP Professional printing supports which of the following types of computers? Ans. (d) Windows 98…show more content…
How do you access the Backup Or Restore Wizard? Ans. For Accessing the Backup Or Restore Wizard, go to Start Menu( All Programs(Accessories(System Tools and then Click on the Backup. 2. What two operations can you perform using the Backup Or Restore Wizard? Ans. By Using Backup Or Restore Wizard we can take backup of our important data on a computer or Network and with the Restore Wizard we Restore the data from the backup. 3. What is the primary goal of backing up data ? Ans. The primary goal of backing up data is to avoid data loss and can regain the data whenever needed. 4. If you want to perform a backup but do not want to clear markers or affect other backup types, you should perform a(n) Copy backup. 5. During a(n) Differential backup, only selected files and folders that have a marker are backed up, but the backup does not clear markers. If you performed two of these backups in a row on a file and nothing changed In the file, the entire file would be backed up each time. 6. How can you change the default settings for backup-and-restores for all backup-and-restore operations by using the Backup
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