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Name ______ _________________________________________ Date _9/5/2012_______ Chapter 1 Reading Organizer 1. List and explain the three things that have to work together in order for most computers to perform useful functions. Hardware – External and internal physical components App Software – Programs that are loaded onto computers to perform specific functions Operating System – Computer programs that manage the hardware of a computer 2. List and explain the two general categories of application software. Business/industry software – software that is designed for use by a specific industry such as medical practice management tools, educational tools, or tools designed for use by law profession for example CAD etc. General use software – software designed for a wide range of organizational users or home users for various purposes such as a word processor or a spread sheet. 3. Explain the difference between local and network application software. A local application is a program such as a word processor or a spread sheet that is stored on a local computer and runs only on that local computer. A network application is one that is designed to run over a network such as the internet, or a small or large network of connected computers, it has two components one that runs on the local computer and one that runs on a network computer such as email. 4. [pic] 5. List the six common types of computers available. Mainframe, Server, Desktop, Workstation, Laptop, Handheld 6. Explain what servers are and what they are used for. Servers are high performance computers used in business or other organizations to provide services to many end users. They are used to serve files, programs, web pages, and documents to multiple users. Basically they are high performance computers that provide services. 7.

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