Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network Overview Paper

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network Overview NTC/362 Fundamentals of Networking November 26, 2012 Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network Overview The Patton-Fuller Community Hospital was founded in 1975. Their number one priority is severing the community with the best health care and making the patient experience as pleasant as possible. Over the years and maintaining the best state of art technology in the medical field, Patton Hospital has been running their operations off a well design operating system and network. [ (UOP, 2011) ] The network structure is divided between the hospital’s clinical area and the administrative aspect. The network brains of the operation are the 1000 Base T using CAT 6 cable. [ (UOP, 2011)…show more content…
Both management’s executive and senior have work stations with Apple iMac computers that vary in size of monitors and gigahertz and hard drive capability. Operating systems are MAC OS X and Windows XP. [ (UOP, 2011) ] “This system is there to help improve the communication and collaboration between senior management, employees, doctors, nurses, and patients”. [ (UOP, 2011) ] Very important management uses the network to maintain the accounting and finance, human resource, customer relationship, and knowledge management. The Radiology network is connected with the Ethernet and 1000 Base F single mode fiber. Radiology relies on the network for MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) X-Ray, Sonography, and more radiology equipment. Apple Mac Pro laptops are used with the doctors and physician. Those computers use operating system Virtualization with MAC OS X, Windows XP. [ (UOP, 2011) ] The network plays an important factor for OR/ICU/ Ward Floor System. In the operating room, there is again a network of Apple MAC PRO, while at each work and nurses station they use Apple iMac with Superdrive and Wireless communication card. In each room of ICU, there are wireless access points that are Cisco 1250
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